For the operation and use of resources of quartz sandstone in Urviş, Bihor county, in accordance with the instructions of ANRM Bucharest, it was proposed to establish "The Operational Perimeter Urviş".
The minerals exploited and the main uses;
The activity of the career is the extraction of quartz sandstone for processing and obtaining quarry aggregates.
In the existing situation Urviş quarry can manufacture the following products:

- Broken stone for railways ballast SR 2246/96;
- Broken stone for roads STAS 667/97;
- Gross calibrated stone NTI 96/89;
- Raw stone 0-300 mm NTI 101/90;
- Stone blocks NTI 101190;
- Broken stone 0-25 (31.5) mm NTI 102/90;
- Broken stone 0-60 (63) mm NTI 102/90;
- Rezidual products used for fillings, embankments, roads, etc..
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